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Assign An Order To A Driver

To assign a delivery order to a driver navigate to the Dispatch Screen.

You can select one or multiple orders and assign them to a driver.

Tip: Although you can assign orders to a driver who is considered "Out", it is preferable to "Return" between each order for proper recording of delivery times.

Select the order(s) you want to assign > Select the driver you want to carry out these deliveries.

Tip:  Drivers rotate on the screen as they go in and out, so typically the first driver on the list is due for the next order assignment. You don't have to assign to the first driver, though.

Once you have selected the order(s) you want and the driver you want click the "Assign" button.

Tip:  If you want to limit the maximum # of orders a driver can take at a time, you can set this up in Configuration / Order types / Delivery. If you try to assign more than x amount of orders to a driver it will require a manager to override the rule.

After you click "Assign" the order(s) that you selected will disappear from the left column and the driver's status will update to reflect the new amount of orders that are assigned to them.

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