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Close A Driver's Shift

A driver is unclosed if they have a starting bank and/or open delivery orders assigned to them, and have not run a close shift.

Before you can close a driver shift you first need to make sure the driver is marked as "Returned" and that any tickets assigned to this driver are settled. You will get a popup notification letting you know if you have not done this.

To Return A Driver:
Highlight the driver by clicking on their name > Select Return at the bottom right of the screen.

Tip: It is advisable to press Return immediately upon completing a delivery for proper recording of delivery times.

To Settle A Driver's Tickets:
To close a driver start by navigating to the dispatch screen. Select the driver you wish to close and click on Driver Status.

Their information will popup. On the left hand side you will see tickets that are assigned to this driver.These tickets must be settled before the shift can be closed. .

Click on Settle to resolve the tickets

A new window will appear. Most tickets should already be settled, if they were paid with a credit card when the order was taken. However, if any ticket does not show a tender type, or has a balance remaining, you should settle it. Select the ticket and enter the amount tendered and the tender type. Any amount entered that is greater than the ticket total will be added to the tip.
You can split the tender type by entering 1 amount and clicking cash, and then enter the remaining amount and enter credit/debit. If you select credit a new window will pop up and you can enter the credit card information.

Closing A Shift

Once all tickets show a $0.00 balance and tips are entered  you can "Close Shift".

After you click "Close Shift" you will determine how much the driver has vs. how much they owe.   A new window will popup.

The financial summary will show you how much money you should have on hand based on order totals, tips, driver fees, drops, and starting bank. The buttons to the left will show you how much of each tender type you should have. Click on the buttons to enter in how much of each you have.
Example: In this example the system is expecting that you have $94.42 in cash and no other tender type.  So you would click on Cash and enter in $94.42 and then OK.

Once you have tallied each tender type the "Close Shift" button will become available, click it and a final summary showing you how much money you should have and how much the driver should keep will popup. Select which drawer you want to transfer the money to. In MOST cases you will want to transfer all end of day cash to the "Main Safe". Select OK

A final report for this driver's shift will appear. Once you click "Exit" you can move on to the next driver that needs to be closed or move on to reconciling your register.

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