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Driver Status Overview

The "Driver Status" button gives you access to driver banking functions such as Assign Bank, Drops, Closing A Shift, and Unassigning Orders.

To view the Driver's status navigate to the "Dispatch" Screen.

Select the driver you want to view.

Select the "Driver Status" button.

A new window will appear.

  • The left side of the screen displays all the tickets assigned to this driver.
  • The right side shows a financial summary; giving drivers an overview of the financial status of their shift. It also displays their current mileage.
  • The Performance screen shows average delivery times and a breakdown of how long it took to deliver each ticket.
The bottom row displays a list of actions that can be performed for this driver.

  • Settle Orders: Opens a new screen to settle tickets and adjust tips on orders that have been delivered by this driver during their shift. 
  • Assign Bank: Enables you to assign an amount of money to the driver that they are responsible for. 
  • Print: Prints a summary of the driver's status0
  • Close Shift: Allows you to close out the driver's shift and reconcile their tickets/cash so you can complete the end of day process.
  • Drop: Allows the driver to drop off an amount of cash to a specific location so that they do not have to carry excessive cash.
  • Unassign Delivery: Allows you to unassign an order from the driver. 
  • Closel: Takes you back to the main dispatch screen.

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