Close Register

To close out your register for the day, or to close an employee's shift, you can choose Close Register from the POS. To close the register click on the Options button > Click on Close Register.

The tips screen will appear; indicating how many tips the system believes should be paid out. You have the options to:

  • Pay Tips: Pays out the tips but not to any specific server. The manager can divide it among everyone.
  • Pay Tips To Server: Pays the tips directly to the server.
  • Retain Tips: Keeps the tips in the register and adds it to the deposit.  
Once you select how to deal with the tips the close register box will appear.

  • Current Balance: Indicates how much money total the register should have. This includes credit cards, gift cards, and/or any cash drops you've done to the safe.
  • Cash Balance: Indicates how much cash you should have in the register. 
  • Cash Amount:  Defaults to the starting balance of the register.   Leave this amount in the register for the next shift. If you plan to change the amount left in the drawer, enter the new amount here.
Once you have entered in the amount of cash you are leaving in the drawer, click the Enter button to submit and a report will appear. You can print this report to use as a worksheet to count all of the different tender types in the register.

You can click close and the register will now be closed.   A new shift can begin to take orders in this drawer.

Note: You will still need to reconcile the drawer to complete the close process.

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