Split Tickets

Using the split ticket functionality is a powerful tool that allows you to handle large parties dining together but want to pay separately and needed to be presented with separate tickets. This feature can be accessed in two ways. Options > Split Ticket,

or via a special "Split Ticket" menu function button you can add anywhere on your menu..

Once an order has been placed it can be saved and recalled when the party is ready to pay. Once the order is recalled; click the split ticket button and you will be taken to a new screen where you can arrange the items on as many separate tickets as you need.

The screen will start out with one ticket for each person on the order, if # of people has been recorded.

Move an item from the main ticket to one of the new tickets by clicking on the item and clicking on the double arrows.

It will be added to the split ticket.

You can also split an item between tickets. For example if everyone at the table wants to split a pizza and the cost of that pizza you can divide the cost between as many people as you need to. To do this, select the item you wish to split > click on "Split Item"

You will be prompted to enter how many ways you wish to split it.

The item will be split,

Use the double arrows to move the item to the ticket you need it to be.

Split Tickets And Coupons/Discounts:
It's important to know that if your order contains an item that has a discount and you have split that item; the discount will also split.

However, if you have a coupon on an item that required another item; that coupon would be removed if the items are divided among 2 tickets For example if you have a BOGO and you split the ticket, the coupon would no longer be valid.

Saving and/or Finishing The Orders:

Once your splits are complete, if you are not ready to tender the tickets, click on "Done" The tickets will be saved as OPEN and will share the same table number but each will have its own unique ticket number.  These can now be settled or closed individually and will be considered independent tickets.

If you are ready to tender some or all of the tickets immediately, click on "FINISH" at the bottom of the first ticket you wish to pay for.    Tender this ticket as desired.   Returning to the split screen, continue to FINISH each ticket individually until only the main ticket remains.  You can then FINISH this ticket as well.

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