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Over / Short

When a register, shift close or deposit is over or short; the system requires that a reason be given as to why the overage or shortage has occurred. (You can set up default reasons in Config > Tax/Tender/Cash > Cash Management).

To view the report on all of the overages and shortages in the system, navigate to Manager Home > Reports > Cash > Over/Short.

Select the start and end dates you wish to review then click "Generate". The report will display the results below.

The top portion displays the over and short totals of the dates the report is run.

The bottom portion displays the following:

  • Date the overage or shortage was recorded. 
  • The time of the over/short recorded.
  • The employee that recorded the overage or shortage. 
  • The cash location that the overage or shortage was recorded on. 
  • Whether the record was an overage or a shortage. 
  • How much the overage or shortage was. 
  • The tender type that was over or short. 
  • The reason given for the overage or shortage. 
This report can be printed or exported to Excel if needed. 

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