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Paid In / Paid Out Configuration

Paid In and Out accounts are a way to track where you're spending your money. For example if you sell beer at your store and you need to purchase more; you can take the money out of the register and perform a Paid Out under that account to document that you took the money for beer.

To set up these accounts; navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Tax/Tender/Cash > Paid In/Out.

Add a Paid In or Paid Out:
Click on the dropdown menu > Click on Add New.

A new window will appear. Name the account and select if it's a paid in, paid out, or both.

Save you changes and the new account will be added to the drop down list.

Delete An Account:
To delete an account, select the account from the drop down list > Click Delete.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the account. Select OK.

The account will be removed from the list.

To use these accounts, navigate to the POS screen > Options > Paid In / Out.

The accounts will appear on the paid in / out screen.

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