Close and Reconcile Register (Drawer)

Closing and reconciling your cash register is an important step to accounting for all the money coming into your business. You can close and reconcile a register multiple times a day, after each shift, or just at the end of the day.   All registers should be closed and reconciled before completing your end of day process.

Closing Registers:
To close a register; click on the Options button at the top of the screen.

Select "Close Register" from the menu.   You'll need to be using the station that is attached to this cash drawer.

If you have any tips that need to be paid out a popup will appear with the amount in tips that should be paid and give you an option on how you want to handle them.
  • Pay Tips: Assumes that the tips are being paid out but are not assigned to a particular server.
  • Pay Tips To Server: This will print a report for each employee who took an order with tips detailing the breakdown of their tips. This will also be added to the employee's payroll reports.
  • Retain Tips: Assumes the tips are not being paid to the server. This will result in "Tips Retained" showing on your store summary reports.
Note: If you don't see this pop up, it's possible that your register is configured to default to one of these methods.  This configuration is set in Configuration / Tax Tender  Cash / Cash Management.

Cash Count:
Once you have settled the tips another popup will show you the "Current Balance" of the drawer, the "Cash Balance", and a field for you to enter how much cash you plan on leaving in the drawer for the next shift.
  • Current Balance: The total amount of tender that is in the drawer. This includes cash, credit, debit, gift cards, etc.
  • Cash Balance: The total amount of cash that is in the drawer. This includes the starting cash balance
Tip: The starting cash amount should default based on the setting you entered in Configuration > Tax Tender Cash > Cash Management.

Your register is now closed.    If you have done a mid-day close, a new cashier can immediately begin entering transactions into that drawer before you complete the reconcile process.

Repeat these steps on any other register that may need to be closed you can move on to reconciling and making your deposit.

Reconciling Cash:

Now that you have closed your cash drawers you can reconcile them.   During this process, you'll confirm that the actual tenders in the drawer match the expected amounts. To do this navigate to Manager Home > Cash > Reconcile.

In the reconcile screen choose the location you would like to reconcile. In this case it is the drawer(s) you just closed.

Depending on your configuration settings, the system may show you the correct amount to enter, or may require you to enter an amount.

Enter in the amount of cash, checks, debits, credit cards, etc in each respective field. To make counting cash easier you can use the calculator feature by clicking the "Cash Count" button.

Once you have entered in the correct bills/change and click "Okay" the final number will auto populate. Be sure to enter the amount you actually have and not what the system indicates you should. If you are over or short on the amount of cash the system is expecting the "Complete" button will be grayed out until you click the "Over/Short" button.  (In this example we are over by .15)

A popup will ask for a reason for the over/short. You can select from a list of predefined fields.
Tip: If you have made a mistake you can click "Cancel" to exit out of this process, go back to an order and fix the tips or tender type, re-close the drawer and start the reconcile process over.

You can now click "Complete" to finish reconciling this drawer. The system will ask you to transfer the reconciled amount to a new location. In MOST cases this will be the "Main Safe"

You have completed the cash reconcile process and can now start your deposit

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