Credit Card Batch

To batch out your credit cards for the day navigate to Manager Home > Cash > Credit Cards.

Select the "Unsettled" batch for the day.

At the top of the page there will be a summary of the expected total of credit.

Review your orders to ensure that all tips have been entered.   You can not add tips to transactions after you complete your Daily Close.   To enter tips, navigate to the Orders Screen, select the ticket, and select "Adjust Tips". 

Scroll to the bottom of the report and click on "Daily Close"

If the Daily Close button is inactive, but the Authorize Charges button is active, you may have some charges that have not yet been authorized.  This can happen if you lost internet connectivity during the day.  Click Authorize Charges to process these transactions.

If there are unclosed tickets with pending credit card approvals a window will popup with a report on which orders are pending.   This can occur for deliveries where the driver has not yet closed shift, or for online pick up orders which have not been recalled and closed.  Be sure to complete your driver close before processing the batch.

You can choose to "Cancel" the batch and go to the open tickets and settle them. Or you can select "Hold" and the batch will proceed and place these open tickets in the next credit card batch.
If you select "Hold" the system will ask you if you are ready to send the batch. Click "OK"

You have now completed your credit card batch. The credit card screen will show your Batch # and status.

Your End of Day Checklist should now show that all tasks are complete.

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