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Adjust A Customer's Loyalty Points

If a customer belongs to the loyalty program; you can adjust their points at anytime.

To adjust points, navigate to Manager Home > Customer.

Search for the customer  you wish to edit > Click on the customer > Click on Cust Details.

The customer's profile will appear. At the bottom of the screen; click on the "Adjust" button next to Points.

A new window will appear. The top of the screen will show all of the customer's previous point history. At the bottom of the screen; select if you will be adding points or subtracting points. Enter the amount of points you wish to adjust.

You can add a note as to why you are making an adjustment. When you are done click on "Save Change" and the points will be updated on the customer's profile.

Note: This process applies to the internal loyalty point system or the SalesBuilder point system. If the customer belongs to SalesBuilder loyalty and you edit the points here, it will be reflected in SalesBuilder.

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