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Add An Alternate Address

It is not uncommon for a customer to have 2 different delivery address' on their profile. You can add an alternate address either from the customer profile on the front end or from the manager end. To learn how to enter an address from the POS click here.

To add an alternate address, navigate to Manager Home > Customer.

Search for the customer you wish to edit > Click on their name > Click on Cust Details.

On the customer profile, click the "New Address" button.

Enter in the type of address this will be. Something simple like 2nd home or office.

The address fields on the profile will empty so you can enter in a new address. This will not be replacing the previous address.  When you have entered in the new address click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

To view the alternate address, reopen the customer profile > Click on the Alt Delv Add button.

A window will popup showing the available address' for this profile.

You can select which address you want to be the default address. The default address will automatically load when a customer places an order.

To delete a address, click on the one you wish to delete to highlight it > Click the "Delete" button.

The address will be removed from the list.

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