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Add An Alternate User

Alternate users are handy for households or businesses where more than one person may place an order but it will be for the same location or account. Customer profiles allow you to enable multiple people under one main record for this reason.

Note: The Main person, as listed on the Customer Details screen, is considered the Primary User for that account.

To add an alternate user to an account, navigate to Manager Home > Customer.

Search for the customer you wish to edit > Click on their name > Click on Cust Details.

Click the "Alternate Users" button at the top of the customer profile.

Enter the new user's first and last name > Click Add New. Adding the birthday is optional.

The alternate user will be added to the list above.

To delete an alternate user, click on the checkbox next to the user's name > Click Delete.

The user will be removed from the list.

Alternate user's will not show directly on the customer's profile. To view all of the users on a customer profile you will have to click on the Alternate Users button.

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