Gift Certificates

To quickly review your gift card traffic for the day, you can run the Sales - Gift Certificate report. This report shows you how many gift cards have been sold on a specific date and how many orders were paid for using a gift card.

To view the Gift Certificate report, navigate to Manager Home > Reports > Sales > Gift Certificates.

Select the start and end dates you want to review and click "Generate". The report will appear below.

The top portion displays:
  • How any gift cards have been sold.
  • The gift card number.
  • How much was loaded on the gift card.
  • The ticket number.
  • The date it was sold on.
  • What time.
  • The employee that sold the gift card.
  • How the gift card was paid for.
Note:  If the Ticket # is 0, the card was sold without an associated order.

The bottom portion displays the same information, however it is for the orders that have been paid for by a gift card.

You can print or export the report to Excel.

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