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Assign Cash

The Assign Cash page allows you to assign a cash drawer to a particular individual. This helps you hold employees accountable for drawer totals.

When a drawer is assigned, that employee is the only one who can close orders to that drawer (except for managers with security to override register assignments).   The employee will not be able to clock off without closing the drawer or being unassigned.  Closing the drawer will automatically unassign the register.     

You can assign more than one employee to a drawer at at time, but that will make it more difficult to hold them responsible for the drawer balance.

To assign cash, navigate to Manager Home > Cash > Assign Cash.

Select the location you wish to assign from the drop down.

Select the person you wish to assign this cash location to. (You can only assign to employees that are currently clocked in.)

The amount assigned is a preset amount of the current balance. It is read only in this screen. If you wish to add more to the drawer you can perform a transfer.

Click Save & New or Save & Next to complete the assignment.
When the save is complete, you will be taken back to the Register and Cash screen and the assignment will display.

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