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Resolved Issues in FireFly Frontend:


  • 1690: In some cases, when a saved bar tab was cleared, the credit card info was not fully cleared and the user was unable to use a different tender type to complete the tab.
  • 1140: If the timeclock button was pressed more than once when clocking in, a duplicate time record would be created. Added measures to prevent this from occurring.

Resolved Issues in FireFly Backend:


  • 1266: The customer advanced search screen was not recognizing specific search criteria properly, therefore not returning the expected results.


  • 1163: Users were having issues changing an employee's password using the card swipe feature.

End Of Day:

  • 1436: The End of Day report was mistakenly showing open tickets when they were not open, but were "incomplete" having been cleared before saving. This has been resolved.


  • 1435: The Operations > Server Ticket Report: The Server Close Report hyperlink was not properly loading when a user click to view it.  
  • 1448: Resolved issues with the tax summary report "Total taxable sales" vs. "Taxable sales"

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