Break/Lunch Configuration

Tracking breaks and lunches is an important part of following labor regulations.

To configure your break settings, navigate to Manager > Config > Employees > Timeclock & Payroll.

Scroll down to the middle of the screen, you will see the options for break and lunch enforcement.

  • Clock Out For Breaks/Lunches: If checked, the employee will be required to clock out for breaks and/or lunches.
  • Default Break/Lunch Length: Set how long a break/lunch should last.
  • Paid Breaks/Lunches: Check if you want the employee to be paid for their breaks/lunches. It is usually customary to NOT pay an employee during their lunch break.
  • Dock For Long Breaks/Lunches: Check if you want to dock an employees pay after they have exceeded their break/lunch time that is specified in the length box. .
Some states may have laws that require that an employee get a break (paid or unpaid) after working a specific amount of hours. Check your local Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to see if the laws apply to you. If they do; you can configure the system to require an employee to take a break after they have worked X amount of hours. To do this click on the "Break Enforcement" button.

Enter how long you want the break to last, if it's paid or unpaid, and how many hours the employee must work before it is mandatory that they take their break. Click "Add" and the rules will be added.

You can also add rules for an employee postponing their break. For example, if it's really busy and the employee is not able to take their break but the system sees that they need to. The employee can postpone the break X amount of minutes up to X times before a manager will need to override postponing the break any further.

Be sure to save your changes when you are finished.

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