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Control the Sort Order of Items On Your Tickets

FireFly gives you various options to control how items are sorted on printed tickets.

To configure item sort order, navigate to Configuration > Printing > Printer Ticket.

Select the Ticket type (customer receipt or production) that you wish to configure and select "Body".

On the "Item" line you will see the sort order options:   Item Sort Order or As Entered.

If you choose "As Entered" the main ticket items will print as they were entered during the order.  If you choose "Item Sort Order" the items will be sorted according to the the item sort order (see below)

Inclusions (those modifiers that come standard on an item) can be printed in "Item sort order" or you can choose "No items first".  This helps emphasize any inclusion that should NOT be included for this order. 

Modifiers (which are added to an item) can be printed in "Item sort order" or "Requirements choosing order".  For example, if you choose a Pasta type, then a side dish, then a salad dressing, these would print in the order they were chosen. 

You'll see a line in the printer ticket configuration for "Separate tag along production items".   This refers to items that do not normally print to this printer, but are printing just as an FYI that they are on the order.  For example, you want to let the grill station know that this order includes pizzas.    (Learn more about setting this option up in General Printer Set up / Print Item Routing Options).  For these items, you can choose to sort them on the ticket according to general Item sort order, or you can separate them on the bottom of the ticket.

Controlling the Item Sort Order
To control the Item Sort order, navigate to Configuration > Items.  On this screen you can select a department, category or item and use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons to reorder it.   

For example, perhaps I want all my fried appetizers to print above my bread appetizers. 

I can select Mozzarella Sticks, click "Move Up" until this item is listed near the other fried items.  

Be sure to click "SAVE" at the bottom of the screen to save your changes!

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