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Income Summary

The Income Summary Report provides a breakdown of several key indicators of data about your business.  Data is reported by order type and by hour.

To view the Income Summary report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Sales > Income Summary

Select the date range you wish to view and click Generate.

The top section of the report provides data broken down by order type:

The columns report the following data:
  • Number of Orders
  • Order Total (This is gross sales, not including tax, delivery fee or tip)
  • Discount Total (The total discounts and coupons subtracted from the order total)
  • Tax Total (Total taxes collected)
  • Fees Total (Total delivery fees collected)
  • Tips Retained (Any tips that were added to tickets but not paid out to servers or drivers)
  • Other Total (Includes misc. charges)
  • Income Total (The sum of all these columns)
Note:  This is NOT the same as total sales, as it includes taxes and tips retained.  It represents a total of money collected (Not counting tips paid out).

  • Average Ticket:  The ticket average is calculating by adding the Order Total, Fees Total, Other Income, and Discount Total, then dividing by the # of tickets.  Taxes and tips don't count
  • % of Sales:   Shows the breakdown of % of sales by order type.
The lower half of the report shows the same data, but for an hourly breakdown.

Tip:  The hourly breakdown is showing a "business day" of data.  So if you run the report for August 5, and your business hours keep you open until 2:00 AM. the 1-2 AM sales on this report will have actually occurred on August 6, but are part of the August 5 business day.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the report to Print or Export this report.

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