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Delivery Performance Report

The Delivery Performance report allows you to view the performance of your drivers and the statistics of your deliveries.

To view the Delivery Performance report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Operations > Delivery Performance.

Select the start and end dates you wish to view and click Generate.

The results will display below.

The report will display each driver that has been on a shift during the time frame that you selected. Across will show:
  • The total amount of delivery sales assigned to that driver.
  • The total number of deliveries completed by the driver.
  • The total amount of trips the driver made.
  • The total amount of time the driver was dispatched during the time frame you selected to view.
  • The percentage of time the driver spent on deliveries during their shit.
  • The average orders delivered per trip.
  • The total amount of driver fees.
  • The total amount of tips received during the shift (actual tips reported on individual tickets, not based on tips declared at the end of the shift)
  • The total amount of drops made by the driver during their shift.
  • The total mileage driven by the driver. This will only show if the feature "Track driver mileage" is used. 
  • The average amount of time the driver spent on each delivery.
  • The total average delivery time per how many orders were being delivered at one time. 
The bottom of the report will add all of the driver's totals together and calculate an average.

You can print and/or export the report to Excel if you need to. 

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