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Driver Ticket Report

The Driver Ticket Report is a quick and easy way to track your delivery orders, their status, and the driver's status over any given period of time.

To view the Driver Ticket Report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Operations > Driver Ticket Report.

Select the start and end dates you wish to view and click "Generate."

The results will display below.

The report displays sections by each driver. Those sections will display the ticket number of each order that was assigned to that driver during the time period the report has been run for. It will also display the following:
  • The date and time the order was placed
  • The time the order was assigned to the driver and dispatched
  • If you are using the Dr!ve app, and the driver inputs their arrival time; it will display here
  • The time the driver arrived back at the store and clicked the "Return" button
  • The time it took from the moment the order was assigned to the driver to when they returned
  • The total amount of the ticket
  • The tip amount (for tips entered on the ticket)
  • The tender type used to pay for the order
  • The server's name that took the order
  • The customer's name
  • The customer's address
At the top of each customer section, you can click on the "Driver Close Report" hyperlink and view a list of the dates and times the driver's shift was closed.  Click on any of these lines to see a reprint of the actual driver close report for that shift.

You can print or export the report if you need to. 

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