The Waste function is used to record inventory deductions and keep track of items that are discarded for any reason.  This could be because you made a mistake in making the food, or you dropped an item, or need to discard premade items that are no longer fresh. 

Start by ringing up the item(s) that you are wasting.  For example, in this case I have made the Caesar Salad incorrectly by tossing it with the dressing when the customer wanted dressing on the side.  Although I have already rung up a ticket for the customer's order, I will ring in another Caesar Salad to account for the one that is being wasted.

Before finishing the ticket, go to Options and select Waste.

You'll be asked to confirm - Are you sure you want to waste these items?

The system will automatically set the price to zero, record a closed, dine in ticket, and add a message to the ticket that says "Waste Item"

The system will deduct inventory for these items, and will report the waste on the Operations > Waste report.

Tip:  Waste is a secure function. You can set this in the Security Settings under POS Functions.

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