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Item Forecast Report

If you are looking for a way to predict how many items you'll sell and what you need to order and prep for, the Item Forecast Report is for you!  This report will use historical data to predict into the future exactly how many of each item you'll sell.  To view this report, navigate to Manager Home > Reports and select Trends > Item Forecast.

Enter a starting and ending date. To learn how this report works, its best to start out running it for just 1 day, today or in the future.  Click Generate.

The report configuration options will appear.  Here you can choose how many days into the future you want to plan for (we chose 3) and what items you wish to analyze.   Here we expanded our departments to specifically select Wing Count.  You can analyze departments or individual items.  If you click "Show Summary Data Only", you'll see department level totals.

Here's the results of our 3 day forecast for Wings:

The first section of the report will show me the results for the same day of the week last week, and the week prior.

The middle section of the report gives me the minimum, average, and maximum sold on the same day over the past 6 weeks.  The number 6 is configured in your "Sales Forecast" configuration.   (To set this, go to Manager Home and click on the "Set Forecast" link on the Weekly Sales and Forecast Graph.  Click "Configure" to choose how many weeks your forecast is based on)

The 3rd section of the report gives you a forecast how many items will be sold today, today plus tomorrow, and today plus 2 days, based on historical data.  So we can see that we expect to sell 6.33 wings today, 16.66 total in the next 2 days, and 32.83 total in the next 3.

A popular use for this report is to help plan dough preparation.  In this configuration, we'll select Pizza, and "Summary Only"

Here are the results, summarized by size and crust:

This can help us determine exactly how many dough balls to prep for each size.  

This can help us determine exactly how many dough balls to prep for each size.

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