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Problems Opening Exported Reports in Excel 2013

If you are using Microsoft Excel 2013 on Windows, you may have problems viewing data exported from your FireFly reports.  

If you find that after pressing "Excel" at the bottom of your report and choosing Save and Open, Excel opens but no file or information appears, you may have a Protected View issue.  Opening Excel and then choosing File, Open will behave the same.

Protected View is a default security setting in Excel which prevents you from opening files downloaded from the internet.  Because your POS system operates within a browser, Excel interprets these as internet-generated files.

To fix a specific .xls file, it must be saved instead of opening directly from the POS system.  Navigate to the file,
Right click the file, choose properties, and click the <Unblock> button at the bottom. .xls file should be able to be opened now.
This has to be done for every .xls file.

To turn off the Protected View within Excel 2013 go to File, Options, Trust Center tab on left, Trust center settings button, Protected View tab on the left, and uncheck "Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet"

This should fix the particular computer for all report export files in the future.

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