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Tracking Your Catering Sales

Tracking catering sales can be tricky.  They don't always include a unique set of items, so you may not be able to report by department.  You can't necessarily designate an order type for "Catering", as the order could be for pick up or delivery.  

In Thr!ve, any order that includes any item with the word "Cater" in the item name will be reported as part of "Catering Sales". This is a quick and easy way for you to separate out these orders.  If you don't want the items to include the name "Catering", just make a no-charge item called "Catering Order" that you apply to every order you wish to track this way.

Catering sales will report on the Manager Home sales report:

They will also report on the Store Summary - Sales by Order Type report.   (These sales are also included in the order type counts above that section)

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