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Current Release 7.5.0

New Features:
Finger Print Log On Refactor

We've reworked the integration with Digital Persona Fingerprint readers for employee log on.  

Inventory Category Target %
We've added an option in inventory to set a target usage % of sales per ingredient category (such as meat, cheese, paper, etc.).  This is done from the "Manage Categories" button on the ingredient screen.  Ideally, the total of all category usage will equate to your target food cost %.  A new report, Inventory Category Target Usage, will show your actual usage (including deductions and adjustments) vs. your target, as a % of sales.

Add an optional % employer cost to all labor reports
We've added a new field in Configuration / Employees / Timeclock Payroll to specify a extra % that will be added to labor cost. This could include the extra cost of payroll tax and benefits.  This will appear in a separate column on the labor sales report and will be added to labor cost in the Store Summary, Manager Home reports, Employee scheduling function

New Print Option: Sort items as ordered

We've added a new option in Configuration / Printer / Ticket for the Body of the ticket, Item area.  Now you can choose sort order "As Entered" or "Item Sort Order" (that's the order items appear on the item set up screen).  This can be set for customer receipts and/or production tickets.
Read the Printer Sort Options article

Tip Shortfall on Payroll Report
The law allows paying servers & drivers less than minimum wage as long as their tips make up the difference between minimum wage. This feature will report any shortfall on the Payroll Report and Manager Home Sales Report. Read More (v.7.5.1) 

Excluding Job Types from Labor Cost
Select job types that will be excluded from your labor sales or labor productivity calculations. Useful for trainee roles, for example.  Read More  (v.7.5.8)

Net vs. Gross Sales used in labor calculations.  
In the past, labor % and productivity was always calculated on net sales (after all discounts).  This option lets you use gross sales to calculate these figures.   This is configured in Special Pricing > Adv Options.  You can choose to use gross or net for labor sales.   If you are using "gross" instead of the normal "net" it will be indicated on the Manager Home Sales Report, Store Summary Labor Report, Labor Sales report and Trend Report.  Read More  (v.7.5.8)

Catering Sales Reporting
Looking for an easy way to report catering sales?  Some create a custom order type but that can be confusing as catering sales can be pick up or delivery.  We've added a line to the Manager Home Sale Report and the Store Summary Sales by Order Type section for Catering vs. Non Catering sales.   A Catering order is classified as such if it has any item with the item name containing "Cater". The entire order will count as a catering order.  Read More (v.7.5.8) 

Corrections & Improvements (FireFly Frontend)
[TPOS-1728] - Fixed issues with assigning ticket number on voided deferred order
[TPOS-1777] - Removed the tender surcharge feature from Config / Cash / Tender. This feature has been deprecated.
[TPOS-1716] - Enhancements to Call Center functionality when the Call Center is also running as a local store.  Includes feedback during the order process when receiving store has a credit card decline, and reporting enhancements to separate sent orders vs. in-store orders.
[TPOS-1787] - Fixed an issue to record service on restroom icon (table layout screen).
[TPOS-1866] - Fixed an issue with partial auth gift cards on delivery orders.

Defect Corrections (FireFly Backend)

[TPOS-1760] - Enhanced the "Not Available Online" item option to have a category override to avoid problems with category save changing item settings.
[TPOS-571] - Delete and hit tab was giving 'NaN' in the Amount to Deposit text fields.
[TPOS-807] - Physical inventory filter window was not showing the filters selected
[TPOS-1093] - Edit Schedule is giving blank schedule window
[TPOS-1562] - If delivery is not an option for the store, the Driver Payroll report will be hidden.
[TPOS-1426] - Linking to an employee record from the schedule area could bypass security to view employee data. This has been resolved.
[TPOS-1556] - In some cases, ? was appearing at the bottom of the driver close report printout
[TPOS-1568] - Issues with adding inventory count using Chrome browser were resolved
[TPOS-1574] - In some cases, Pressing POST from daily schedule sets screen to 1969. This was resolved.
[TPOS-1893] - Fixed issues with the menu button color palette in Chrome
[TPOS-1986] - Fixed issue with email receipt not properly formatting "hidden" offers, added date and change due information.
[TPOS-1886] - Improved issues with report printing showing web page components.
[TPOS-1868] - Removed weather functionality (deprecated)

Version 7.5.7 Release
  •  Fixed an issue that could cause Historical tax reports are not accurate for some sites after upgrading to 7.5  (v.7.5.7)
  • Added refunds to the settled credit card batch printed report (v.7.5.7)
  • Solved issues with Manager Home performance if online backup status can not be reached.  (v.7.5.7)
Version 7.5.8 Release
  • Restored Address on CC receipts 
  • Improved Create New Time Record from Payroll Details in Chrome  browser
  • Fixed Choose register dialog scrolling issue in Linux kiosk mode.
  • Fixed Saving category print settings input error when using print on separate tickets option 
Version 7.5.9 Release
  • Restructured Printer Setup / Categories to avoid issues with deleting printer setting.  
  • Revamped Manager Home New Content button so it won't get pushed off screen by the online backup status
  • Fixed file permission issue for Labor Productivity Chart
  • Fixed issue with Today's sales hyperlink on mgr home sales report widget
  • Improved ADP export options
  • Added Print each item on separate ticket setting to CMM
  Version 7.5.10 Release
  • Resolved issue with adding an ingredient (purchase) not refreshing ingredients list in the background
  • Resolved issues with Inventory Voiding a Purchase Order.
  • Resolved issues with inventory purchase orders & receive.
  • Resolved issues with adding a new vendor while adding an inventory ingredient clears out ingredient screen
  • Improved issues to prevent Cayan batch failing for exceeding php maximum execution time.
Version 7.5.11 Release

  • Resolved an issue where saving 2nd page of coupon advanced settings deletes max item discount setting.
  • Resolved issue where saving coupons sets default to "Exactly 0 toppings" when multiple inclusions are saved
  • Resolved issue on item ingredient set up where deleting item ingredient causes duplication of other ingredients
  • Resolved issue with Inventory Warning Report showing $0 in value column
  • Improvled saving new ingredient from category inventory configuration to select ingredient after dialog close
  • Improved employee configuration pages to allow apostrophes
  • Resolved Null Pointer Exception BigDecimal.subtract error on certain substitutions (Thr!ve Online orders)
  • Resolved issue with Track 2 Only Gift Cards in FireFly with plain text swipe

  • Version 7.5.12 - No significant changes

    Version 7.5.13
    • Changed the way that Thr!ve online orders indicate print status, so that legacy / 3rd party online printing can be used in conjunction with Thr!ve online
    Version 7.5.14
    • Refactored Google address validation, geo-coding and mileage calculation to resolve issues with global rate limiting and improve error detection.
    • Refactored internet outage mileage calculation so that user will be notified and mileage can be updated on demand at a later time, or manually updated.
    • Added a "Reprint totals" button to the settled credit card batch screen
    • Added new Mastercard BIN ranges to support 2-series cards
    • Resolved issue where updates replaced certain optimizations or customizations that were client specific.
    • Resolved 2 CallerID issues specific to site configuration.
      Version 7.5.15 Release
    • Refactored Google Map display to resolve issues with global rate limiting and improve error detection
    • Fixed issues with dispatching when Google mileage is not enabled.
    • Changed text of various files to eliminate outdated company / product references.
    • Fixed issue with adding a new printer ticket type,  doesn't add Item Sort Order option

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