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KPS Operations

The Kitchen Production System is a makeline monitor system that can replace printers to streamline your operation.   One of the main advantages of the KPS is that it tracks production times, so you can report on efficiency.  Of course, it also saves on the cost of paper and ink!

KPS Equipment:
The KPS system requires a monitor, a controller, and a bump bar.  You can purchase this equipment from Granbury Solutions - just give your account manager a call at 800-750-3947.

Once connected in the kitchen, the KPS can be reached at this URL (this is based on our typical network setup - yours could vary if your network is set up differently)
You can also launch the KPS screen from Manager Home > Configuration > Printers > KPS

KPS Keyboard Functions:
The KPS system generally uses a "bump bar" which is an oversized keyboard substitute with just a few buttons.  These buttons are programmed to control functions on the KPS.  

You can not control the KPS with a touch screen or a mouse.  It requires the use of the bump bar or keyboard.

LEFT ARROW (ORANGE BUTTON) - moves left across list of tickets
RIGHT ARROW (GREEN BUTTON) - moves right across list of tickets
ENTER (LIGHT YELLOW SP BUTTON  ) - Selects screen to use,  Bumps or Unbumps higlighted order
DOWN ARROW (BLUE BUTTON) -  Moves from KPS screen to bump screen and back
SPACE (RED CTRL BUTTON)- Returns to KPS Select Screen

KPS Select Screen:
The KPS Select screen is seen when you first load the KPS.  Use the arrow buttons to highlight in green the screen you wish to view.  You can route different items to different screens by setting them up in Item KPS Configuration.   Use the Enter button to select the screen.

KPS Orders Screen:
The KPS Orders screen shows the 6 oldest orders.  In some cases, a long order may wrap to the next column.  Additional orders can be seen by scrolling right (Use the  left / right arrows or Orange / Green buttons to scroll).   Use the "Enter" button (Light Yellow) to "bump" an order off the screen when you've made it.  Orders are shown in the order they were received.

KPS Bump Screen

Press the Down Arrow (Blue Button)  to see the bump screen.   If you need to "Unbump" an order, select it and use the Enter button (Light Yellow) to move it back to the main Orders screen.

KPS by Item Screen
If you prefer to bump individual items as they are made, the KPS by Item screen is for you!  On this screen, each item on the ticket is listed individually.  Use the down and up arrows to move between items. Use the Enter button to bump an item.

To move back to the KPS Select screen at any time, use the Space bar (Red button). 

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