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Disable Popups Requiring Customer Info

When taking an order and selecting an order type, are you getting a popup prompting you to enter in a customer's name, phone #, or requiring a customer lookup? This is a feature that can be very helpful to track who the order is for, however if this is slowing your daily workflow down and you do not want this feature activated, you can disable them with no problem.

This feature is available for all order types except delivery (which always requires a customer). To edit the order types, navigate to Manager > Config > Order Types.

You can click on any of the order types to configure the prompting features.

  • Bar/Dine in, To Go, Orders Screen, All very straight forward, select Yes or No from the dropdowns to enable or disable specific prompting features.

  • Table: Has a list of more specific functions that you can manage based off of how you want to run your table service.

  • Eat In and Pick Up: are listed under a single dropdown.

Be sure to always save your changes.

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