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List of New Customers

Successful restaurant owners know that welcoming new customers to your establishment is a key to keeping them coming back.  So how do you find out who is a new customer?

Option 1:  Manager Alert

You can set up an Alert on your manager home page which will show you all the new customers that day, with an option to map them!   Using the Manager Alert feature, you can have this automatically emailed to you daily.   Then send them a personal welcome or thank you!

Learn more about how to customize your manager alerts and set up email notifications in this article.

Option 2:  List of New Customers

Use the Advanced Search feature on Manage > Customers to find new customers in the past day, week or month.

Navigate to Manager Home > Customer and click the "Advanced Search" button.

Scroll down to the "First Order" Section under Order History. Activate this criteria by selecting "AND".   Specify your date range - here I am searching for customers who are new in the last 30 days.

Click Search.  Once you have your results, use the "Output List" button to export the list.  Save the criteria to use again in the future!    You can then send a mailer or e-mail to these customers.

Learn more about the Advanced Search, Save Criteria and Output List functions in this article.

Looking for an automated way to thank and reward new customers?  Thr!ve Loyalty can e-mail or text them with a special offer automatically.   Learn more about it here.

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