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KPS Configuration

KPS (Kitchen Production System) allows you to send orders to various KPS screens in addition to or instead of printers.

Note: This is an optional feature. If you have not purchased KPS screens for your system and are interested in doing so, please contact your account manager at 800-750-3947 or

To set up your screens navigate to Configuration > Printers
You will be taken to the printer configuration screen. Click KPS on the sub navigation menu.

Screen Names: You can select available names or add a new one by clicking on the drop down menu and clicking on Add New

To the right of the drop down, name your screen.
Example: Kitchen or Pizza

  • Show Entire Ticket on Screen: If selected, the entire ticket will display on the screen. If not selected, only the relevant items will display.
  • Reprint to X When Bumped: If selected, will print a copy of the ticket to a designated printer when bumped. Select the appropriate printer from the drop down. (See more on General Printer Configuration)
  • Refresh Screen Every X Seconds: Controls how often the screen will check for new orders.
Tip: If an ordered is bumped it will automatically refresh.

  Save your changes.

Now, you will need to configure your items to go to the proper KPS screen.  

KPS Setup

Also, you need to designate which KPS screen is used for each station by order type.  This is done on the Printer Station configuration screen.

When you're all set up, you can preview the KPS by clicking the Load KSP button.

Read about how the KPS screen works

Tip:  KPS can help you track your production times.  See the Production Time report for analysis of how long orders take to make.  

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